Saturday, August 1, 2009

Date at Northridge Fashion Center

Saturday, August 1, 2009

After fixing my records at CSUN I decided to head to the core branch of what began my own shopping addiction. Surely I would shop before I started college but it was never really my own money nor was there an abundant amount to splurge anyway.
Before I began my tiring afternoon at this average Joe mall I paid a visit to DSW Shoe Warehouse with the intention to find tan knee high boots. At last I found some Apepazza Giotto Boot in cognac. Unfortunately they didn't make the final cut because these certain external variables that I will not mention...(panda's fault. I kiiid). At last I entered the mall and felt the sudden need to buy Coach. Who knows why but it was crawling up every which side of me bugging me until I caved in. I am, actually I must say I'm a former hater of Coach but today I gave it a chance and fell in love with 2 pairs of shoes and several handbags. I decided to go with the Pop C Large Wristlet. It's conveniently cute for a club or a lazy day where you don't want to haul around your personal restroom. After I got that out of my system I visited Macy's to look for shoes. After about 2 hours I finally made my decision to go for my current favorite, Michael Kors! He just seems to do hit the spot to my liking for shoe design. I ended up choosing Fulton Moccasin which was a rare choice considering my dislike for flats as of lately. These are ridiculously comfortable and do not elongate or widen the appearance of feet as most flats do. I thought my shopping was over but then once again Reflection convinced me otherwise. I purchased these simple Bamboo Asiana rider boots in chestnut (Carmel) color. Sure they look and smell cheap but are delightful to the eye and add an attractive touch to skinny jeans or floral dress. At last I stopped by Sephora and chose Stila MAJOR Major Lash Mascara. Haven't tried it but I do hope the woman that assisted me has steered me in the right direction for false looking lashes. If not, back to Clinique I go. Here's what my shopping cart looked like for today. (Above are the boots I want and did not purchase)


Jennifer said...

I have been looking for the Apepazza Giotto Boots everwhere! Which DSW did you find them at?


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