Monday, November 9, 2009

Fashion Happy Apps for iPhone

Monday, November 9, 2009
Whip out your iPhone and add add add! Your favorite top designers and fashion magazines have applications waiting to be adopted by you. Now you can watch the latest runway shows; compare prices before physically (or virtually) purchasing items; receive the latest news on fashion; and play fun fashion games/trivia.
Get these FREE apps now.

If you like to play Fashion Wars on Myspace or Sorority Life on Facebook you'll like :
*Girl Wars 25 Fashion Points
*Roiworld: Fashion Fix Lite
*Shopping Madness
*Super Model Empire

Designers you love:
*Ralph Lauren Collection
*Gap SyleMixer
*D&G Fashion Channel
*Victoria's Secret
*Karen Millen
*iRunway (Wetseal)

Favorite Magazines have apps too! Download your favorites and get acquainted with other publishers/shopping guides:
*Seventeen Fashion Finder
*Shop Lucky
*DRAMA lite
*Fashion Network
*ShopStyle Mobile
*Oasis Fashion
*Fashion Tweek
*HSN Shop app
*Brides Dressing Room
*Style Sectrets
*Warehouse Fashion

Great app to leave a review on above app or shopping experience:


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