Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nordstrom Madness

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Although my blogs central purpose is to shine the light on fashonistas roaming the streets or hitting up clubs, I have found myself plan-less on a Saturday night. Therefore Who will equal me today, wore what? Well today after a bulldog meet bust, I headed to the Grove in hopes to find a little something for myself since pay day was yesterday. Naturally, my first priority was shoes. At the grove, I noticed a pattern of paper bags from Nordstrom attached to a vast amount of people's hips labeled "Anniversary Sale". Of course I decided to follow the crowd with this one. It had to be THAT good of a sale if just about everyone had that bag. As I entered Nordstrom I suddenly became so giddy with the sight of shoes galore. There were plenty of select name brand shoes on displays with labels that read "sale" and the amount for the entire designer's displayed shoes. Granted the regular price for all these shoes were probably $30 more than the sale price but it was definitely something to swoon over considering the entire table display for the designer shared the desired price.
I have had a terrible, and I mean terrible, addiction to shoes since I was able to play dress up. I dream, talk, and talk some more about shoes all the time. Luckily my bargain hunter instinct has always kicked in during my shoes shopping rage. I have never really been a person to spend a grand amount of bills on a pair of shoes but as I'm getting older and as I'm reading more fashion magazines I too feel the obligation to fall into the habit of Carrie Bradshaw--well maybe not to that extreme.
And the winners were...
MICHAEL Michael Kors Berkley T-Strap Sandal in purple.
(Purple patent leather. Goldtone hardware. Zipper T-strap. Side cutout. Open toe. Mini-platform. Covered heel. Imported)-

Loved the color, fit, and thickness of heel. Comfortable to walk in for hours but they do have a constant sliding. Not too slippery on tile. Somewhat of a pain from straps and backing but not to the point of being unbearable.

ARDEN B. Jewel Front Braided Sandal in yellow.
(Flat sandal features braided front with large jewel facet detail and side stretch ankle strap.)-

Very comfortable! They don't slide from side to side and the PU material is so soft to the feet. Color and gem bring a little more to the ordinary sandal look. Not sure how they will do if they get wet though.

I will be choosing my Shoedazzle selection for this month on Wednesday. I'm so excited! I am yet to see Michael Antonio shoes in person though so I'm hoping the quality meets my satisfaction.


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