Saturday, July 25, 2009

Small Road Trip to the 909

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The purpose for visiting the 909 has always been to attend raves that are held there. Considering that my bf was raised in San Bernardino county it was only time until I'd drive over there to reminisce with him. I was educated on some Fontana history and some personal history of his as we drove along the city waiting to make plans with his old friends. Some time passed by and we finally agreed to visit Victoria Gardens for some good ol window shopping. I noted that the emo scene still hadn't died out here by noticing the super skin tight jeans, plaid shirts, and vans worn by both sexes. Once we proceeded towards Urban Outfitters I noticed that this particular mall held store based stereo types with no other groups associating with each other. None the less I saw a handful of beautiful sandals and handbags. I really liked this Urban Outfitters because besides the obvious of favoring the $19.99 and under sale, the far back of the store was filled with portraits, accessories, and many apartment accessories. Although my sale hunt was unsuccessful I came out of the store satisfied thanks to the wall displays and mannequin displays. They were a bit more unusual than I've seen around Hollywood or the Valley with a definite flair of mimicking couture. I walked a couple feet further and was captivated with a huge sale sign at Reflection. Shoes for only $10! Sure they're not name brand and probably won't last many seasons but for that price why pass them up. I ended up buying sandals with a wood sole and base, turquoise strap, and small crystal gems places within a crisscross of a metallic band. (Qupid Women's THONG GLADIATOR SANDAL. LEISURE-05) They're really not too comfortable but they give a nice illusion of floating crystals while you can stand them on your feet. This store is a must at any given time since prices are usually less than $40 excluding the Steve Madden selections.


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